Last autumn I was taking a drive,

not to run an errand 
or pick up groceries
I was driving to go on a trip

I felt that relief and excitement 
of getting past the city limits
past the traffic
knowing you can drive for 
hours without any 
interruptions in speed 
the only care, 
being not going 
too much over the speed limit

When I was driving past the trees
that surround every
highway I’ve ever seen, 

I remembered my classic desire
to get out of my car and walk into
the woods and go straight

You see, I’ve always had this dream
to go into the trees and just go straight

Just keep going straight for days and months
because we are after all
bipedal creatures with ‘all-terrain’ built
into out biology

Was this desire 
a male biological symptom? 
Like looking at girl’s butts
and being slightly afraid of the dark/snakes?

If I went straight would I
eventually reach shore?
I suppose I would.

The beauty of going in one direction
for a really long time doesn’t just
end on the road.

Whenever I look up at something in space
Like a nice moon or a planet I recognize
I always dreamt it would be great to just start
floating in that direction
the moon getting smaller and smaller in my sight
and keep on going til I landed.

I have to admit that when I think about dying 
I think my ghost body will actually have the ability
to do this.