I had a near death experience

During a minor surgery
I opened my eyes,
and saw the doctors 
operating on my body

Well if you think its weird
to hear your voice on a recording
or see your self on film

seeing it in real time,
opened up like a car hood
is really something else

Then I saw the light!

I walked towards it too.
When I got to the end
I saw what I ought to be
the walls of heaven.

But the closer I looked, 
it was more like a reception desk.
A very majestic looking reception desk.

The reception seemed to be saying,
“Hey you are here a little earlier 
that we expected! Anyways,


(its always what I wanted to hear when I died)

Then I had to choose :

1) Be born again (if you hadn’t had enough)

2) Be ecstatic and one with everything 
as the boundaries of time and space will 
cease to exist. Become 
a part of every molecule from inside a 
prehistoric rock to your wife’s cornea 
to the cigarette but buried under New York
in the year 4000 AD 

I said , “Can I have a little bit of time 
to think about it?”

The answer I got was,
Alright if that’s what you want.
Keep up the good work!