I stopped using pillows

Hi everyone! I haven't updated this thing again in a bit (again). When I was making these little comics before, I made them using tips and tricks I used in my daily life. I guess I just kinda ran out of interesting information. It's been a loooong time since I last made one of these, so I actually have collected another set of weird habits that I deemed to be healthy these days. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! I have a print out!

Hey everyone! My print "Starry Heavens and Moral Law" came out today thanks to Double Dutch Press in Athens! Its a 11" x 14" 6 color print on white wash 100 lb French Paper (luscious gasp emoticon....). It's only a limited edition of 20, all signed and numbered by ME the artist smile emoticon It's my first print to be released like this and am super proud of it! 

Order one soon at www.doubledutchpress.com to support me and my lovely friends at Double Dutch Press!

Hello everyone! I had a nice opening the other night

My opening reception for my show in Houston, 'rising fog becomes cloud' was a success!

Here are some pictures of the gallery with my latest paintings:

I promise I will update this thing more kind of!

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